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4 Ayurveda Herbs You Need to Know


Life can be stressful, overwhelming and chaotic, even at the best of times. Our modern-day lives are riddled with complaints of stress, anxiety and emotional roller coasters that leave us feeling distraught and, overall, unhappy.

However, to take back control of your life, here are four essential herbs, proven by Ayurveda practices, that can help to reduce these stress levels, enabling you to return to your happy, functional and relaxed self.

Essential Herbs That Your Need to Know


This is easily one of the essential herbs that you should be stocking. Brahmi is renowned for actively decreasing the cortisol hormone in the body, a hormone commonly associated with stress.

By regulating this hormone, you’re able to stay focused throughout the day as well as providing you with a smoothing effect across your nervous system that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm, even in the most stressful events or environments.


If you’re in need of a herb that helps you to quickly de-stress while keeping you from feeling tired throughout the day, a common complaint from people living in modern societies, Jatamasi is for you.

The most beneficial part of Jatamasi is the root which is renowned for its therapeutic effects on the human brain. According to Ayurveda guidelines, these roots proactively cleanse and rid the brain and body of potentially harmful and stressful toxins, allowing you to remain level-headed and stress-free throughout the day.


Vacha is one of the most effective root herbs in Ayurveda. This root is renowned for its relieving properties that can benefit you in many ways.

These calming effects mean that you can help yourself to sleep more naturally and more refreshingly. This will also help you to calm your mind, especially from anxiety, throughout your days.

There have also been reports that Vacha can help to stimulate and increase your memory capabilities, leading to a more productive lifestyle.


This herb, very similar aesthetically to ginger, is made from a beautiful collection of vitamins and amino acids. These natural substances will bring so many positive benefits to your mind and body.

Ashwagandha is renowned for being an adaptogen. This enables your body to adapt to perform consistently, even in the most stressful situations. You’ll also instantly see a boost in your stamina, endurance and your overall energy levels in everyday life.

This is also a very traditional Ayurveda herb for perfecting your sleeping pattern. It does this by actively fighting the symptoms of insomnia.



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