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Why Ayurveda Beauty Practices are Making a Splash in 2018


Ayurveda is a practice that dates back over 5,000 years and has been a part of some cultures ever since. However, as we enter 2018, the practice of Ayurveda is set to explode in the mainstream society, especially in the beauty industry.

In some cases, Ayurveda is already making its way into our everyday lives. Starbucks has recently released their renowned turmeric lattes, marketed as part of a health trend. However, the health properties of turmeric have been known since Ayurveda started over five millenniums ago.

But with lattes to the side, how else is Ayurveda set to revolutionise the health industry this year? Let’s find out!

Health Supplements

One of the biggest health factors in 2017 was health supplements. These were game-changing since so many people are living fast-paced lifestyles making it nearly impossible to consume the vitamins and nutrients they need from the diet they were eating.

However, with health supplements, it became much easier to reach the recommended RDA levels, so you could live a healthier lifestyle. While the specifics of what Ayurveda-friendly supplements are yet to be released, global health companies, such as Unilever, have already hinted that they are coming.

Holistic Relaxation

More and more people are turning away from traditional creams and ointments that are full of chemicals and potential toxins. Consumers simply don’t want to slap creams on their faces that can dry out your skin or cause more harm than good.

In fact, more people are turning towards ‘wellness’ products that cure you of the inside out, rather than just aesthetically. This means we’re starting to see more burning oils, more candles and more crystal-infused products. These are typically based on Ayurveda practices that can help us easily unwind and destress, helping us stay beautiful.

Home Beauty Remedies

The problem with most of these problems is that makeup, beauty products and skin-care routines can become very expensive. However, it’s worth remembering that much of Ayurveda information is free and a lot of the things you want to achieve with your body can be practised at home.

Let’s say you’re suffering from an acne outbreak, or your skin has gone dry. By simply searching online ‘dry skin Ayurveda remedy’, or words to that effect, you’ll be able to find a tonne of information that can help you relieve the negative symptoms. This will help you feel far more confident in yourself, without having to spend a fortune on products.


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