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Ayurveda For Tackling Obesity


With over 64% of the major western world population, including children, obese, it’s safe to say the world is suffering from an obesity epidemic.

As we all know, obesity is a result of lifestyle choices such as poor diet and a lack of exercise. It most cases, other aspects such as lack of education and income can also play an important role. Obesity is caused when fat deposits in the body become excessive, causing extra weight.

Obesity is also linked to a collection of other health conditions. These include numerous types of cancer, liver problems, kidney problems, diabetes, asthma. In fact, there are hundreds of related conditions in total.

However, no matter how devastating this condition is, it’s easily resolved. An increased and more beneficial diet is needed along with a comprehensive exercise routine. These combined can help combat and even reverse the effects of obesity.

Ayurveda & Obesity

In Ayurveda terms, obesity is known as Medarog. This is a Kapha humor. This nature controls the structure of both the mind and the body. When balanced, Kapha nourishes the blood, bone marrow, bones and reproductive organs.

However, once the Kapha is irritated or out of balance, problems start to occur. When this happens, the body produces more and more toxins. These toxins are renowned for being heavy and thick, causing blockages around the body. This contributes to weight increase and an increased production of fat tissues.


When you start to treat obesity using Ayurveda practices, you’re aiming to neutralize the Kapha Dosha. The best way to do this is by avoiding Kapha-aggravating foods and substances. Additionally, you’ll want to focus on treating the toxins in the body that have already built-up.

Key Foods to Avoid

According to Ayurveda practices, you’ll want to start avoiding certain food groups and focusing more on consuming others.

Some of the key foods to avoid include foods that are high in carbohydrates. This includes foods such as rice and potatoes. You’ll also want to avoid processed foods and other renowned fatty foods. Likewise, you’ll also want to avoid foods such as butter, cheese, whole milk, yogurt, and chocolate.

Most dairy foods will contain high levels of fat so it may even be worth considering a vegan diet if only temporarily, to get your weight in check. This is a great suggestion since Ayurveda practices also state that you should increase your intake of salads, fruits, and vegetables.

Final Thoughts

Having the motivation to combat obesity/Medarog is not something you should ignore. You’ll also be ready to change your diet when you’re ready. Once you are, there’s a world of opportunities open to you that can help you change your life to be happier, healthily and make the most of every day.


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