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Ayurveda Treatments Becoming Increasingly Popular for Post Dengue Fever


Chennai, an Indian city, located on the southwest coast of India, has been in the news recently due to its situation related to Dengue Fever. Up till now, patients have been admitting themselves to government run hospitals, as advised by the state’s health department. This is advised as part of the program to control dengue fever in the area.

However, many of these admitted patients are giving up their government treatments in light of Ayurveda and other herbal medicine practices. This is because a large volume of the patients is suffering from side effects of the treatment. These side effects include; muscle weakness, anaemia, pneumonia and other bacterial infections, especially throat infections.

Usually, a victim of dengue fever can suffer from a variety of symptoms. These include an increased loss of appetite, discomfort in the abdomen regions, eye pains, diarrhoea and weight loss. With this in mind, Ayurveda doctors and practices have claimed the solution. They are effectively able to combat these symptoms using herbal remedies using vazhagham and other oils.

One Siddha doctor states that the virus is extremely harmful to the immunity of an individual. Even once treated, the immune system is not fully restored, and therefore there’s always room for further complications. In some instances, post dengue fever can be even more damaging than the virus itself.

How it Works

Ayurveda practices counteract these effects by actively strengthening the immunity, making it ideal for individuals in the post dengue stages. It’s even claimed that, over a long period, these practices can even fight the cause of the virus at its core. This works as the alkaline elements of the Ayurveda practices can soothe inflamed areas as well as assisting to soothe the chronic pain that’s common with the infections. Due to this, large numbers of patients are coming to Ayurveda and Sidda hospitals. These are especially happening in the Coimbatore, Krishnagiri and Kanyakumari and Theni districts, some of the most affected areas.

Patients are being advised by these hospitals to take Amukha Churanam, ideal for combatting the weight and appetite loss. Also, Ketu Oil is being given to sooth body pains as well as Kalathali churanam that helps to combat the breathing infections. Patients are also advised to avoid strenuous physical exercise and should be resting as much as possible.

Let us know your thoughts! Should the government and state health departments be looking into the effectiveness of these Ayurveda and Sidda hospitals? Let us know in the comment sections below and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!


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