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Top 10 most iconic music festivals in India


Music mends and music associates and it also takes you to the world of your fond memories. Whatever you feel about music, it’s bolting and fulfilling that gives you a chance to act naturally and be alive and enjoy your present to the fullest!

For all those people out there who adore grooving on the exciting soundtracks of their most loved DJs or singers, here is the opportunity to be a part of the most powerful music celebrations that happen in India, and trust me going to them will fill you with shots of vitality and give you the motivation to love life considerably more!

India’s late economic boom has dovetailed pleasantly with a development in the country’s music celebration scene everywhere. By mixing unspoiled fascinating regions, a frenzied music-adoring fan base, and promoters with a longing to give take-your-breath-away encounters to both the foreign and domestic participants, the nation has climbed to an absolute necessity travel destination on the overall music festival guide.

From EDM to rock music, from folk songs to Bollywood, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Currently, India’s status is amongst the top of music festivals that are held all around the world. This article lists down those 10 music festivals in India that have made it way up to compete with other renowned music festivals of the world. Check them out and plan a visit to at least one of these festivals in your next vacations.

1. Hornbill, Nagaland

This stunning nature’s dear place is known for its unblemished excellence and calm. When an excellent 7 day Hornbill festival happens, what you get is a thrill from inside the soul you own. It is supported by the Government of Nagaland and composed by State Tourism and Art and Culture Departments. The celebration is an unmatched blend of music, art, dance and culture

2. Enchanted Valley, Maharashtra

This stylish new music celebration is a three-day jubilee which is held at the amazing Ambay Valley City close to the famous hill station of Lonavala. This unique music celebration pays tribute to the forefront music genre like House, Techno, Trance, Drum and bass and obviously the current top charts music of that time.

3. Sunburn, Goa

The biggest electronic music that can take your breath is here. The Sunburn Festival happens each year in Goa in the last week of December.

This earth shattering music festival sees the crowds of lakhs and it is getting thicker with each advancing year. It is named as the world’s ninth best dance music festival. The sort of mind blowing EDM music you get the chance to hear goes about as a magnet and is such a solid crowd puller. If you are crazy for Electro, trance, and EDM, this festival is for you.

4. Ziro festival

Nature and music go as one here. The rush in your body while listening to the electric music is the combined impact of the surroundings – the mountains, the beauteous scene and the breeze that plays its own particular delicate tune. It is one of the calmest but lively music festivals that are held in India.

5. Escape Festival

Envision the everlasting beguiling Himalayas and those appealing lake resorts loaded with the puzzling music that takes you to a different universe, or perhaps the paradise.

It is considered one of the best places for the artists and for expert craftsmen, photographers, painters, tattoo specialists, potters and graffiti specialists who rush in here and make the location a lively one. The festival is held for three days and what began with only a couple of artists, today gets an enormous and dazzling group of followers.

If you are one of the above, visit Escape festival as soon as possible for an unforgettable experience.

6. Freedom jam, Chennai

This yearly festival which coincides with India’s Independence Day, praises specialists and dedicated people to keep no ticket costs. That implies Freedom Jam is for sure free to the general population.
With numerous stages and participation of people in thousands, the celebration is showcased as a path for participants to break their shackles and appreciate the music of different classes in different areas like Bengaluru, Chennai, Goa, and Pondicherry the nation over.

7. Magnetic Fields festival

The most up to date epochal music festival in India, “Magnetic Fields” is one meant for your visual and also the physical pleasure, containing three epic days of music, dance, art, food and everything good!

It is the freshest kitsch festival to hit the music market in India, Magnetic lives consistent with its name pulling in swarms of contemporary acts and groups to its marvelous venue that is a vital attraction for its followers.

8. Rajasthan international folk festival

This festival is organized to provide an open platform to folk artists and musicians from all over India as well as abroad. In 2015, for instance, Grammy award winners Wouter Kellerman and Yossi Fine performed at RIFF. If you want a piece of Rajasthan’s colorful history combined with the rich folk culture and music of India, this festival is for you.

9. Mahindra blues, Mumbai

Mahindra Blues Festival, as the name indicates, focuses on a particular genre of music. Held in Mumbai, this music festival pulls in a selection of the world’s best Blues performers for its two-day affair. This year’s line up included, for instance, King King, Malina Moye and Joss Hunt. If this is your type of music, then you should seriously look at booking your slot next February, when the festival is usually held.

10. Ragasthan, the music festival in Jaisalmer

This is another socially diverse music festival pulling in crowds of artists in November to the brilliant sand ridges of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Ragasthan’s desert venue organizers know how to make a one of a kind experience for all visitors. It is three days not only of music and films, but also of using camels as celebration transport and moving under the moonlit desert sky, far from the drudgery of city life.


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