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How to Boost Your Energy Levels Without Caffeine


In today’s modern world, we all go through the same feelings day in, day out. Whether you’re trying to tackle your mountain of chores at home or sitting at your desk trying to complete all your paperwork before home time. It’s not uncommon for us to feel completely drained, both physically and mentally. The attraction to coffee, energy drinks and stimulates can sometimes be overwhelming.

However, there is a much healthy, more stimulating and even more refreshing way to get that energy boost you need to get you through your busy day.


This quick routine only takes 30 seconds but it’s a small but powerful punch that can re-energize your body and mind without having to rely on stimulants. You can use it to clear your mind in the middle of the day when things are starting to get on top of you, in the morning to wake yourself up or in the afternoon to give you that much-needed boost to take you to the end of the day.


What you need to do to achieve these increased levels of energy is to sit with your back straight. Place your feet flat on the floor or you can sit cross-legged in a lotus pose.

The proceed to hold your right hand* out in front of you creating a tick shape with your finger and thumb. Place the rest of your fingers into the palm of your hand.

*If you’re left-handed, feel free to use that hand!

As fast as you physically can, block off your right nostril with your thumb. Then you need to breathe out of your left nostril before switching sides and repeating the process. Unlike normal meditation practices, you will only need to focus on the exhale as the inhale occurs completely naturally!

If you can, try building up your speed so you’re swapping which nostril is blocked every second. This may seem impossibly fast but you’ll get there with practice! You can practise for 30 seconds, a minute, even five minutes if you have the time.


When you have completed this, you’ll all ready to start to feel revived. For an added bonus, keep your eye closed after you have finished and just spend a minute or two completing a full body scan. Once you have finished this, even towards the end of the practice, you’ll begin to feel the energy flowing through your muscles! It’s such a liberating and natural feeling energy that feels so much better than caffeine or Red Bull!

Have you tried practising this method to revive your soul throughout the day? Have you got any tips for budding workers looking for a way to perk themselves up or maybe you know a different routine? Let us know in the comments below!


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