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How To Make Time To Meditate


Especially when I was started out in the practice of meditating, it took me a good two or three attempts over the course of a couple of months to really get into the habit and keep it up. Time and time again I would find myself making excuses of why I couldn’t meditate, for example, I had to do this, I had to go out and do something, I had to see people, I had to work, the list was pretty much endless.

I constantly nagged myself, telling myself I would just finish what I was doing and then start, sometimes I would, sometimes I wouldn’t. The truth really hit home when a notification popped up on my phone from one of the meditating apps I used, telling me I hadn’t been online for over a week. This notification was displayed as I was scrolling through my social media feed. I’ve got enough time to pointlessly scroll through my smartphone but not to change my habit to make my life more positive, fulfilling and satisfying?

Something had to change.

With this in mind, I know I’m not the only one, so, here is a list of tips and tricks to help you get into the habit and change your life.


I’m not saying you have to get up at sunrise but the earlier in the day you meditate, the more beneficial it’ll be for you. Meditating helps to wake your mind up and to wash away those feelings of tiredness. The positive benefits are also a lot more apparent when practised in the morning, making you feel better, making you want to feel like this every day!


Nothing is more important than your mental health. It’s as simple as that. If you’re really not a morning person or busy at these early days, be sure to set some time aside later on the in the day, keeping your priorities in check.

Make It A Habit

There are a vast number of things you can do to ensure that practising meditating becomes a habit. Even if you practise for a week, ensuring you practise in the same place and the same time will guarantee you a much higher success rate when trying to learn the practice.

Another really helpful tip I learnt when starting was to link meditating to something else. Whether it’s brushing your teeth, as soon as you wake up or meditate and then have your morning coffee, make space for the practice and link it to the other parts of your schedule.

Be Open To Change

As important as it is to stick to your schedule, every day is different from the last. Prepared to be flexible with your routine. This means if one day you are having a really early start and won’t be able to practise, dedicate a time later on in the day to do it, minimising the risk that you’ll miss that day all together.

Don’t Criticise Yourself

If you follow a guided meditation program, such as a video or an app, you’ll have heard the guide telling you not to judge yourself, especially if you can’t seem to keep a clear head or calm your mind. Listen to these guides. If you’re judging yourself and getting angry at the fact that you can’t keep your mind clear, you’re going to get stressed. Once you get stressed, you’re not going to want to meditate again.

Listen to the guides, take a deep breath and relax and let it be.

Remember The Positives

After you have completed each session, it pays to check in with yourself one more time and just take notice of how you feel, emotionally, mentally and physically. With practice, you’ll notice you are creating a deeper and deeper connection with yourself and your mind. Remember yourself the benefits of meditation and how it makes you feel.


This one goes without saying but as a final reminder for this list of tips, practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, meditation is not one of those things you can sit down and do once a week and still get amazing results, it just doesn’t work like that. Meditation takes time to perfect and master, the benefits become more beneficial each time you practise.

These are all tips that helped me on my path of mastering the practice of meditation. It can be difficult at first, hey, it can feel like it’s nearly impossible but like all good things that happen in this world, it isn’t going come looking for you, you’ve got to get out there and make it happen.

If you agree with any of these tips, are looking for more tips to help you get started and make meditation a habit or had any more tips that helped you out when started, let us know in the comments section below!


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