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How Vishnu Avatars Describe Evolution


How Vishnu Avatars Describe Evolution

Have you ever been embroiled in an evolution versus creationism debate? The tussle between religious sects and scientists is getting out of hand. The real truth of the matter is they are probably both right.

The evolution of man is the expansion of consciousness which religious sects call God. Life first stemmed from consciousness. Let’s look at it this way; God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. In other words, “God” is everywhere and in everything.

Well, so is consciousness. Consciousness is nothing more than vibrating energy that form atoms – neurons and protons. And vibrating neurons and protons are found everywhere and in everything. They are omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Scientist call this the law of vibration.

Scientists do not dispute universal laws, yet they fail to recognise cosmic energies as God because they do not want to believe there is a God. Yet the ancient word for law is ‘Lord’. Religious people that do believe in God pick fault at all the missing links of the theory of evolution and are adamant this is proof that God created man – despite hundreds of missing links in creation stories.

Ancient Sanskrit writers that produced the texts of modern day Hinduism explain the evolution of mankind by using the Supreme God Vishnu as a vehicle. Vishnu symbolically represents absolute consciousness – the source of creation that appeared after the Big Bang.

The scientific ‘theories’ taught as facts in modern schools have been round for thousands of years, but because ancient texts have been misinterpreted or passed off as myth for all these years, some of the greatest minds in history missed obvious clues. And some of the greatest minds in science today are still struggling to make sense of consciousness.

The first avatars of Vishnu

In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is described as transforming shape to become a different creature or man. When you follow the sequence of reincarnations, you find the same patterns with which science explains the evolution of mankind.

Evolutionists say that the first forms of organic life formed from algae in the oceans and developed into fish. In the Hindu creation story, Vishnu reincarnates as the fish Matasya and saves Manu (the first man in Hindu) from the floods.

It is believed by evolutionists that land animals came from the sea in the form of amphibians. As the floods receded and there was not enough water, these amphibians evolved to have legs – as the theory goes.

In Hindu mythology, the second avatar of Vishnu is the turtle, Kurma. In the story of the churning of the ocean, a fight between the devas and the Asuras Lord Indra concerned so he asks Lord Vishnu to help.

Devas and Asuras are described as cousins and symbolically represent our higher conscious (devas) and lower consciousness (asuras). Lower consciousness is the habitual mind that so often caves in to emotional desires even when we know we shouldn’t do something.

Lord Vishnu advises the devas to churn the ocean of milk with Mount Mandarchal to produce nectar. However, Mount Mandarchal was too heavy for the devas to lift so Vishnu reincarnate as Kurma the turtle to support the mountain and help the devas produce nectar – in this case peace and harmony.

The evolution of animals to man

After taking the form of reptiles, the evolution of land animals miraculously diversified into thousands of different creatures, such is the nature of consciousness and its ability to adapt to its environment.

Vishnu’s reincarnation as an animal in the story of the Satya Yuga in which Hiranyaksha, a son of brahma becomes so arrogant he steals the earth and takes it to Pataal Lok. Vishnu transforms himself into the form of a boar called Varaha and defeats Hiranyaksha in a fierce battle.

The next avatar of Lord Vishnu is the Narasimha, a half man-half lion. This reincarnation is a follow-up to the story in the Satya Yuga and sees Hiranyakasipu, vying to avenge mankind for the death of this brother, Hiranyaksha.

The fifth avatar of Vishnu is described in the Puranas as Vamana, a dwarf-priest who reclaims the three worlds from the benevolent King Mahabali. This little man in the process of evolution reflects the onset of Neanderthals to homo-sapiens – human-like but not yet fully evolved.

We see the next stage of human evolution in Vishnu’s sixth avatar, Parashurama – often described as Rama with an axe. This period of history is said to be when man’s consciousness began to discover new ways of survival that would lead to the first advanced civilisations.

And then we have Rama, Vishnu’s seventh avatar which represents moral man and demonstrates how our evolution enabled us to develop knowledge and live life in accordance with cosmic laws.

Vishnu’s eight avatar, Krishna, is where we begin to see man fall apart. We have developed society and political rule, but in doing so the hierarchical structure has led us to becoming greedy and immoral. Corruption becomes rife.

The ninth reincarnation is Buddha, whereby man learns to return to his nature and fully understand cosmic energies that dictate our peace of mind and moral attitudes. It is when we are in a Buddha state that we are able to access god-like powers of consciousness that are innate within us.

This is the stage of evolutionary consciousness we are in at the moment, and we are already seeing signs of the next avatar of Vishnu, Kalki the superhuman. Although the story of Kalki is a prophetic work, we can see that recent generations of children have abilities that come naturally to them.

These gifts are often what we consider supernatural such as psychic abilities or the ability to produce huge amounts of energy to fire a lightbulb. Autism is another example of genius which modern society dismisses as a defect even when they have an IQ greater than Einstein.

Our innate gifts are not recognised in the modern world because we do not fully understand consciousness and misread ancient myths that use esoteric symbolism to explain how you can evolve your state of consciousness in your life time.



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