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5 Meditation and Mindfulness Apps to Watch in 2018


Meditation apps are nothing new and have become extremely popular in societies all over the world. We’ve even reported on a vast collection of them on this blog. However, as we enter a new year, along comes another year of innovation and development.

Meditation apps have a love-hate relationship with many people. Me myself, I love the fact that the apps can introduce the concept and practice of meditation to people in an easy and approachable way that can help guide them.

On the other hand, to me, it’s another way that technology is taking over a practice that doesn’t require it in the first place. But that’s just a personal opinion, and the benefits definitely outweigh the cons.

So, with the new year in full flow, here is a list of five of the top meditation and mindfulness apps that are being downloaded to our smartphones and tablets as well as the lowdown on each.

#1 – Trixie

Our first app that you’ll want to keep your eyes on is Trixie. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is home to a collection of guided meditations created by mindfulness experts. One of the biggest features is the implemented AI assistant that can help you analyse your current mood and match suitable practices for that time.

#2 – Oak

Available free on iOS devices, Oak is a complete mindfulness program app that covers everything you could want in an app. There are meditation practices to enjoy, dedicated breathing exercises and daily quotes and inspirational notifications.

The leading feature of this app is that you can customise your own experiences to do what suits you. There are 10 – 30-minute exercises available with both female and male instructors to suit exactly what you want.

#3 – Aura

Aura is one of my favourite new meditation apps and is one that I recommend to friends and family who want to start a practice of their own. Similar to Trixie, Aura has a comprehensive AI instructor built in to help you enjoy a personalised experience.

The app tracks your mood using a series of quick questions and mood settings that help you to find the best meditation available that suits you in the present moment. There’s even a dedicated section on breathing, gratitude and unguided meditations.

#4 – Sonus Island

Despite only being available on iOS devices, Sonus Island is all about finding zen in your everyday life. Within the app, you’ll find a vast collection of high-quality animations, a tonne of 3D sounds and soundtracks and a selection of guided meditations.

This makes this the ideal app to enjoy when you’re feeling stressed or if things are getting a bit too much and you need to sit back and relax.

#5 –  MindFi

Finally, to conclude our list is MindFi. Available for both iOS and Android devices, MindFi is ideal for aspiring meditators who are looking for to start or enhance their practice. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, MindFi gives you the ability to learn how to meditate everywhere and anywhere.

The app is ideal for forming a meditation habit and includes a professional virtual assistant that can help to guide you through the process.


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