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Improve Your Life Through Meditation


Imagine you were training to run a marathon. You wouldn’t simply run the 26 miles on your first training session. Instead, you start small, and you would increase the distances over time as you got better.

Imagine you were writing a book. You wouldn’t sit down and write the entire book in one sitting. You would write the first sentence. Then the second. Then a chapter and you would continue to build it up and up.

So, if you’re trying to combat anxiety, sleep better or improve your relationships, why should things be any different?  Most people know that meditation techniques are out there that can combat these aspects of life but surely, they can’t be the same?

In truth, Dina Kaplan, founder of a meditation hosting organisation known as The Path, claims there are thousands of meditative techniques to learn and practice. As you would if you went into a shoe shop for running shoes or your toolkit when fixing something, you need the right tools for the job.

No matter what the reason is that you’re meditating, you need to the practice and the right techniques to do so successfully. Always remember that the human brain is just like any other muscle. To improve your brain, it needs exercise and training.

Goals & Techniques


To become fully relaxed throughout your day, or maybe after a particularly stressful day, a full body scan would be ideal. This is where you start at your toes or the top of your head and work your way around your body, releasing the stress out of each muscle.

Becoming Present

One of the main benefits of meditation is returning your mind to the present moment. This can help to stop anxious thoughts of the future and helps you concentrate on the current moment. To become present, you’ll want to practice a form of mindfulness meditation.

Increased Energy Levels

As much as people don’t believe it, sitting still with your eyes closed can boost your physical and mental energy levels. There are countless techniques you can use. However, one of the simplest is placing a thumb over one nostril and then alternated. Do this while inhaling and exhaling quickly for 30 seconds. This surreal technique has been proven to improve your energy levels.

Boost Creativity

Whether you’re an artist, a writer, a business man or anything in between, the block can come at the worst times. Even if you’re simply looking for something creative to say on an upcoming date or social event, this can help tenfold. For boosting this kind of creativity, mantras are ideal.

You could use the traditional Sanskrit phrase ‘so hum’ which translates into ‘I Am That’. Alternatively, you could say ‘I am creative and free’ over and over again in your head at a comfortable pace.

Enhanced Focus

It’s very common to fall out of focus. For example, when I’m checking my emails, I constantly find myself doing other things and getting distracted. What I need was a way to stay focused. Practicing mindfulness meditation is a great way to bring focus to your days.

Not only will this improve your productivity in whatever you’re doing, but it also reduces stress, anxiety and promotes patience.


As I mentioned before, there are thousands of meditation techniques and practices out there. If you’re feeling a little stressed, a little depressed or simply want a more positive outlook on life, to name a few, research what techniques will work best for you.



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