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A Quick-Fire List of Meditation Benefits


There’s many of us that know the benefits of meditating, in fact, I talk about them quite a lot. That’s because I believe it is so beneficial to the body and can help us all live much happier and healthier lives.

However, if you’ve not got the time to read through a full article of benefits, I’ve devised this quick-fire list of benefits that meditation has been proven to have. So, if you’re ever feeling unmotivated to meditate, bookmark and check out this list to put you back on track.

The Benefits

Meditation physically encourages your brain to grow. In both thickness and volume.

Meditation enhances your memory functions.

Meditation encourages self-awareness.

Meditation improves your self-control.

Meditation increases your blood circulation, especially to your brain.

Meditation reduces stress by reducing cortisol, the stress-related hormone.

Meditation lowers your blood pressure and heart rate.

Meditation increases the production levels of dopamine and serotonin, useful chemicals for being happy.

Meditation enhances your immune system.

Meditation helps your muscles to relax.

Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Meditation makes you more positive.

Meditation increases your focus and productivity.

Meditation encourages intelligence and controls emotions.

Meditation allows you to learn more.

Meditation makes you more compassionate.

Meditation makes you more empathetic.

Meditation makes you more sociable.

The list goes on and on and on. Each one of the points above has endless proof and studies online, recently and in the past.

Meditation is simply so beneficial, whether you’re practising for five minutes or an hour a day. Meditation is also renowned for being an extremely low-risk activity, meaning you won’t get hurt and it costs nothing to practice.

You can practice anytime, anywhere, no matter what you’re doing or what time of day it is. So, what are you waiting for? Get meditating!


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