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What Side of ‘What If’ Are You?


The term ‘what-if’ has been playing on my mind a lot recently. It first started when I was speaking to a friend over coffee when he was talking about getting married next year. They had a few problems with a caterer and had to change, and there was a problem with the church that was rectified, so everything looked on track to be a great day.

However, he couldn’t stop himself from saying things like ‘what if something else goes wrong?’, ‘What if the wedding because so expensive that I can’t afford it?’, ‘what if the day is ruined and everything goes down the pan?’

That got me thinking about the power of ‘what if’ and the control that it has over our lives.

What If

It’s easy to see that the phrase ‘what if’ is a verbal construct of anxiety and fear. It’s one way that the mind voices its concerns for the situations and events that it’s worrying about. But why do we think in such a negative connotation?

I said to my friend, but ‘what if your wedding is the best day in your life?’, ‘what if nothing goes wrong’, ‘what if you actually saved money?’ etc. These are much more positive ways to look at life, so why aren’t the majority of us thinking in this mindset?

Meditation for a Positive What If

Through meditation, you can achieve a much more present state of mind, whereas the entire concept of what if, both positive and negative, is set in the future. This is simply a form of anxiety and even saying the term ‘what if’ is feeding those feelings.

By becoming mindful and more grounded and present, you can rid your mind of these what if thoughts, therefore ridding yourself of these feelings of anxiousness. This will allow you to live a much happier, healthier and more appreciative life where nothing, not even the feelings of fear, can stand in your way.

When it comes to meditating, you don’t have to be a Buddha living in the mountains or some kind of spiritual individual, anybody can meditate, and everybody can benefit from it.

Even if you started by practising just five minutes every day, within a week, you’ll start to feel a lot more present and a lot more in touch with your mind a body.


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