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3 Yoga Poses for Lazy People


Despite the new year being in full force, many of us are trying to achieve our new year’s resolutions. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking, lose weight or travel more, our minds might be set but actually getting up and doing it is a whole other ball game.

When talking about the benefits of yoga to friends and family (and strangers), one of the most common ‘excuses’ I hear is not that people don’t want to practice, they do, but that they’re too lazy to do so.

In all fairness, you have to admit at least they’re honest. However, it’s worth remembering that yoga has a vast collection of poses and routines that can be adopted, regardless of how lazy you think you are.

To get you started, here are three yoga poses you can practice if you fall into this bracket of people, guaranteeing to make you feel alive and full of energy afterwards.

#1 – Surya Bheda

Known as a single-nostril breath, all you need to do to achieve this pose is to sit in a comfortable position where you feel relaxed. Simply close your eye and place your left hand on your knee with your thumb and forefinger together.

With your other hand, bend your index and middle finger and apply a gentle amount of pressure to your right nostril. Inhale through your left nostril and hold your breath for a moment. Release the pressure from your nostril and exhale through it. Repeat on the other side and keep changing for two minutes.

#2 – Vajrasana

More commonly referred to as the ‘Diamond Pose’, this is an incredible simply pose you can practice wherever and whenever you feel like it. Simply sit in an upright rested position where your legs are tucked underneath your body. This is so your bottom is seated on your feet.

Close your knees together and sit upright, so your spine is as straight as possible. You’ll be surprised at how straight you can make it and how hunched you feel in everyday life. Sit like this for one minute with steady and consistent breathing.

#3 – Padmasana

Referred to as the ‘Lotus Pose’, be sure to sit up nice and straight so you’re comfortable and relaxed. Extend your legs out in front of you.

Now, bend your right knee, so your right foot is next to your left thigh. Turn the sole of your foot upwards and gently push your heel into your abdomen.

Cross your legs and adopt and meditating position where your thumbs and index finger come together. Close your eyes and breath steadily in and out of your nose. Do this for several minutes to calm your mind and hold the position.



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