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4 Yoga Trends You Must Try This Year


2017 has been the year of various yoga trends that have spread across the world. Since the practice has boomed in popularity, various editions of Yoga have sprung up in various places around the world. This has captivated the attention of people, countries and the entire internet. From goat yoga to ice yoga, there are so many different forms to choose from and a practice to suit everyone.

If you’re interested in practising any of these various forms of the traditional, centuries old mindfulness exercise, here are four examples of a modern-day yoga practice with a twist.

Partner Yoga

Easily one of the most up and coming yoga forms currently infiltrating the yoga industry, partner yoga, commonly referred to as acrobatic yoga, allows two people to become involved in the same practice. This is renowned for being one of the most challenging yoga workouts and involves lifting your partner into the air, similar to gymnastics, and holding positions while focusing on the breath. There are classes, events and even festivals set up to cater to fans of this form.

Aerial Yoga

When you see the professionals in action, it may seem like it would take years to hone your skills to an expert level. However, there is an increasing number of studios setting up and launched to let you try for yourself. Aerial Yoga is a relatively new form of yoga where the practice takes place in the air. Studios are usually designed to hold users up using specially designed silk hammocks that hang from the ceilings. In these hammocks, yogis can practise a variety of poses and techniques whilst improving core strength and flexibility.

Tantrum Yoga

Yoga is usually considered to be one of the calmest of exercises, however, tantrum yoga takes this concept and flips it upside down. Imagine a toddler not getting what it wants. This will result in this throwing their arms around, screaming, crying and throwing themselves on the ground in protest. Surprisingly, this is exactly what you do in this form of yoga. Pounding your chest, yelling and screaming is apparently a fantastic way to relieve stress and rid yourself of negative feelings. The trend began in LA but is slowly catching on to other states in the same area.

Pawsome Yoga

If you’re an animal lover, this yoga practice could be perfect for you. Commonly referred to as Doga, yogis can practice they usual routines pretty much the same as they would any other day. However, the main difference here is that your dog will also be present in the practice. For example, this includes holding them in the air whilst laying on your back. It’s suggested this is good for both you and your dog and helps to improve your pet relationship.

Have you tried any of these kinds of yoga for yourself? Or maybe you’ve tried a practice even more outlandish? We’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts! Leave a comment in the comment section below!


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