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How to Beat Winter Laziness with Yoga and Ayurveda


More commonly known as lethargy, humans are renowned for having the urge to be lazy once the winter months come around. Even more so around winter time. This usually results in a lack of energy, inactivity and, more importantly, not having the ability to perform to your best potential.

However, there are two 5,000-year-old practices that can help; yoga and Ayurveda. While yoga is a form of exercise and can help you to become physically active and healthier, Ayurveda exists to benefit you on the inside, such as your overall health and your immune system.

Following these two practices daily can help to improve your life dramatically, allowing you to be happy, healthy and sociable, regardless of the winter blues. So, how do you get started?

Start Your Day with Pranayama

Pranayama refers to the practice of breathing and regulating your air flow. This means being focused when you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try breathing in through your nose for 8 seconds, fully expanding your lungs and then holding it for ten seconds.

At the end of the ten seconds, exhale through your mouth for 6-10 seconds while pushing all the air you can out of your lungs. This practice can instantly revitalise and energize your body, ready for the day ahead.

Slow & Steady Yoga

Once you’ve completed your Pranayama (typically after you just wake up), you can move onto a morning yoga session. Aim to complete a 15-20 minute session, so you have enough time to start slow and to truly focus on your mind and body.

Aim for nice and fluid stretches that allow you to remain flexible while really waking your body up. Be sure to focus on your breathing during these stretches because breathing is just as important as the poses themselves. Remember that you’re trying to wake up your external body and your interior body and mind.

Focusing on an Ayurveda Diet

At the end of the day, all the food and drink that you put in your mouth is the only fuel that your body has. Your body relies on the food that you eat for growth, for energy and for day to day living. So, if you’re eating what is known as a lot of junk food, you’re simply eating junk.

One of the best diet guidelines to follow is an Ayurveda diet. Within this diet, foods are divided up into three separate categories. These are Tamasik (negative foods), Rajasik (neutral foods) and Satvik (positive foods).

In the negative category, you’ll find foods like meat, fast and processed foods. In short, these are all foods that your body finds it hard to digest and absorb energy from. Other products, such as milk-based products, milk and relatively easy to digest foods have Rajasik properties.

Of course, in the Satvik category, you’ll find all your fresh fruit and vegetables and other foods that your body will thrive on.

When lacking in energy, follow these guidelines while cutting out foods like processed ready meals and sugary foods, such as sweets. With the yoga and diet combined, you’ll be able to feel so much alive on a daily basis, helping you to overcome the winter blues proactively.


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