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Looking for Your Next Yoga Mat? Try Yoga Design Lab

Your yoga mat is one of the most important accessories you use. Day in, day out, whether you’re at home, on the move or attending a class, your yoga mat goes through a lot. When I started out practising yoga, I didn’t really know much about them, nor did I do any research. I started out practising on the floor in my bedroom and only decided to buy one so it was more comfortable.
Little did I know that by finding the right mat for my personal situation, I could enjoy benefits such as increased levels of grip and comfort. Even whilst meditating, I would also be able to practise my poses more efficiently and achieve greater results.
After some online searching for some good brands, I came across Yoga Design Lab. The website claimed that they have redefined the way yoga mats should be. Interested, I discovers they offered an incredible range of mats. Each mat fulfilled a various purpose and had their own set of features. I highly recommend this website for anybody looking for a yoga mat. Whether for a first time buy or updating your existing one, start enjoying the many benefits we’ll explore below.


All the mats sold on Yoga Design Lab have been perfected to optimise comfort during yoga practises or meditation. The mats boast a cushion layer. This layer nurtures your body whilst providing outstanding levels of stability and so responsive when it comes to grip.


Thanks to its cushion layer, using one of these mats can improve your practice. The mats allow you to maintain set positions and poses without having to suffer from lack of grip. This also helps you minimise the risk of potential injuries. The grip feature on the underside of the mat also allows your mat to stay secure to the floor. This minimises the risk of slipping and ‘towel-bunching’.


One of the greatest features of these yoga mats which I have taken advantage of is how multi-purpose the mats are. Besides being able to use them for yoga and meditation practises, some of the mats you can even use as towels! There is a variety of fully-featured mats available. This includes towel mats, travel mats and even high-quality non-slip mats.


The most obvious attraction I had to the Yoga Design Lab mats were the designs. In short, they are simply beautiful. From spiritual designs to patterns to real photo quality scenes, there’s so much to choose from. These mats are a refreshing take on yoga mats that makes them a pleasure to use every single time.


My final aspect of these fantastic mats is that they are extremely eco-friendly. I’m a big fan of saving the planet which is why I was also initially drawn to these mates. Made from 100% recycled natural tree rubber, the mats also use harmless water-based inks on their designs. This makes the entire mat completely biodegradable. These mats are a great eco-friendly solution to traditional synthetic mats.
As you can see, Yoga Design Labs has really put some real time and effort into creating these outstanding mats and products. It has completed changed the way my daily yoga practices are and I have never felt better! Have you purchased one of these mats before? Maybe you know another website which promotes fantastic mats that are ideal for inspiring budding Yogis? Get involved and change the way they practise by leaving a comment below!


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