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New Form of Yoga Rapidly Gaining Popularity


Since its earliest origins in the heart of Indian culture more than 2,500 years ago, there have been many forms of Yoga. From Hatha and Vinyasa to Bikram and Ashtanga, there are countless varieties to choose from, each with their own benefits, motions and practice guidelines. However, as Yoga has spread into Western World culture, we have seen the creation of a few unique types of yoga. From Nude Yoga to Cannabis Yoga, the latest export from the yoga community may take you by surprise. Have you ever heard of Goat Yoga?

The craze has spread like wildfire across the Western World. You can now attend Goat Yoga classes at locations all over the UK, the US and many parts of Europe. Usually held in farms, Goat Yoga has attracted several thousand people since its creation and many venues hosting events have even sold out every space available. At one farm in Oregon, USA, has over 2,400 people on their waiting list.

But, How Does It Work?

Unfortunately, Goat Yoga doesn’t mean that the goats have their own mats or stretch alongside you. Instead, participants have the chance to practice a full yoga session of various lengths. During the yoga session, small and cute goats will wander around through the members of the class. These goats seem fascinated by the ongoing activities and are renowned for not being at all shy around strangers.

During the classes, goats have been known to get up in people’s faces, jump on their backs and overall act adorable. The latest craze to hit the yoga industry begun in the sunny fields of Oregon County at a small farm. Here, farmer Lainey Morse discovered this latest trend by accident.

In an interview, she exclaimed that she was practising traditional yoga outside, allowing her to connect with nature and be at peace. During one of her sessions, one of her goats happened to come up to her and took a real interest in what she was doing. She took a couple of pictures with the help of some friends and sent them to Modern Farmer magazine.

The pictures were a hit and soon goat yoga classes began to spring up across the country and then the world.

Goat Yoga

Morse states that for some people, yoga classes can be extremely difficult to get into and to focus which is what makes goat yoga perfect. Participants can enjoy all the benefits from a normal yoga session whilst enjoying a lighthearted element that really helps to engage their minds.  This allows for a more natural and spiritual connection with the Earth, and people can have a lot of fun at the same time.

Typically, a goat yoga session will last around three hours. In a normal session, the first hour consists of meeting the goats and just getting used to them being around. During the second hour, the yoga class proceeds, with goats wandering around as they please. The final hour is known as ‘goat happy hour’. This is where people feel most comfortable with the goats and will have the opportunity to feed them, play with them and take selfies and pictures.

What do you think about Goat Yoga? Do you think it’s a fantastic idea or do you think this is another short-lived fad that has gone too far? We’d love to hear your thoughts, just leave us a comment in the comment section below!



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