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Time To Chill Out & Relax – Ice Yoga


All over the world, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people practise the art of Yoga every day. With so many people joining the practice and discovering the benefits that it provides, it’s only a matter of time before someone tries something new and creates a whole new sub-branch of the practice.

Well, that’s exactly what happened in the Baltic regions earlier on this year. Whether you travel for Yoga or have seen those awe-inspiring photos of people practising with the most stunning natural backgrounds on your Instagram feed, there’s now a new place to add to that list.

North Sweden is now home to an incredible yoga retreat located right out in the middle of a frozen ocean, in the heart of the ice-cold Lapland. This is Ice Yoga.

Ice Yoga

With the mission of delivering a ‘more immersive experience in nature’, Rebecca Bjork, the creator and founder of Ice Yoga explained. An experience in nature is exactly what it is. Are you tired of using the same old yoga mat in the same old room or classroom? You can try practising your favourite pose in -17°C temperatures, replacing your mat with a reindeer skin.

Rebecca leads small groups of people out onto the ice at perfect times of the day, including dusk and dawn, which provides the absolutely breathtaking backdrop that can be found nowhere else on the planet. This is one place you can’t help but be aware.

Ice Yoga is part of the new wellness program that Rebecca has set up in the area. Other wellbeing activities include ice sculpting, meditation and snow walking. She explains that being out in the cold temperatures helps individuals to feel more alert, more energetic and also boosts blood circulation.

Want To Visit For Yourself?

These Arctic Winter Yoga Retreats are run and managed by a company called Active North, found at the Aurora Safari Camp, Byske Resort and the Munkviken Resort, all of which are locating in Lapland, Sweden. Each retreat is 4 days/3 nights long and the price includes everything you need including accommodation and full board food. The price list is as follows;

Byske Resort – 6,500 SEK (£582)

Aurora Safari Camp – 18,000 SEK (£1,600)

Munkviken Resort – 12,500 SEK (£1,100)

For more information on this life-changing retreat, you can visit the website here.


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