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Two Yoga Poses That Strength Your Body for Pregnancy


Pregnancy is such a beautiful and amazing time, but it can also feel very destructive to our bodies. The female body can feel very strange, and you may even experience feelings that you’ve never had before.

This is your body adapting to change, but unfortunately, this can leave you feeling weaken and weaken by the day. However, to combat this, yoga can help to rebuild the strength in your body. This can help you feel better, stronger, more alive and more confident.

To give you a helping hand, here are three yoga poses to help you during pregnancy.

The Triangle Pose

The triangle pose is designed to strengthen your whole body. This is because you’re stretching and engaging key muscles in your arms and your legs as well as your chest. It’s also not too strenuous on your back, but it will help to build muscle there.

What to Do

Firstly, stand on your yoga mat with your feet facing the longest edge. Stand with your feet a bit further than shoulder width apart. For the first part, keep your right foot facing forward and swing the left at a 90° angle. Now bend your left leg, so your knee is parallel to your ankle.

Continue to maintain a calm and collected breathing pattern. Exhale and begin to stretch your right arm out over your head. It should end up pointing directly upwards. Move to place your left arm on to your bent knee. This will provide increased support. Maintain for five breaths before returning your body to the usually upright position.

Now reverse your feet and practice again.

The Mountain Pose

This is a nice, casual yoga pose that will help you to stretch out and wake up your body. That makes this ideal for the mornings! Most yoga routines will use this pose at the beginning to wake you up. But, even getting out of bed in the morning and doing this pose is a great way to start your day.

What to Do

Stand with your feet firmly positioned on the floor or on your yoga mat. Then, place your hands together in a prayer-like position close to your heart and close your eyes. Breath in and out deeply and steadily. From this position, as you inhale, push out your chest and stretch your arms over your head. Make sure your hands remain together.

Sweep your arms back over your head and gently arch your back backwards. Open your eyes and gently stare upwards at a 45° angle. Hold this position for ten breathing cycles. After, slowly lower your hands back down into the prayer-like position and then release your arms down by your side.

Final Thoughts

These are just two of the most basic yoga poses, but they are so beneficial. Whether you’re waking up or your baby’s making you feel a bit tired and tight, these poses are sure to wake you up and loosen you up.

By practising yoga when you’re pregnant, you can strengthen your body, helping you to feel energetic and independent. This will make your pregnancy a much more enjoyable experience, an experience that you’ll never forget.



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